Straying From The Flock: CHAPTER 20  
  1 The trail led up the hill signposted ๋the Center of New Zealand
  2 On a hill under the needle marking the near-center of the country
  3 The little crossword of a city lay below
  4 I could go in a small 2-person Cub for NZ$180
  5 I had no prior experience, but this was New Zealand
  6 An Air New Zealand jet took off right before us
  7 I flew in the direction Paul indicated
  8 Paul kept reassuring me with a running commentary on the restaurants we flew over
  9 Paul circled green mineral pools where blue spots marked underwater fresh springs
  10 When Tasman sailed into this bay, he had no way of knowing that the Maori society was extremely warlike
  11 He flew low over the area where the fight took place
  12 Paul landed the plane like a feather despite a strong crosswind
  13 He led the way to The Honest Lawyer, where we shared two dark rich drafts
  14 For the main course we had the freshest trout, pink as a sunrise