Straying From The Flock: CHAPTER 39  
  1 The White Island volcano was the most active in New Zealand
  2 We anchored in a bay whose water was too shallow for the cruiser to reach the shore
  3 The zodiac shuttled a small group to a broken pier
  4 Everything made of metal had rusted and crumbled
  5 These spots signaled where the ground was heated from below
  6 Imagine a giant lying on the ground with his mouth wide open
  7 At the top of the ridge we started inching forward
  8 I couldnít take my eyes off a hissing vent at its edge
  9 We were walking on compacted ash
  10 Steaming vents were surrounded by patches of yellow crystals
  11 One of the miners disappeared in a mud pot
  12 The boat made a quick circle around the island
  13 I pushed my chair as far back as it could go on the deck
  14 There were dolphins in the water
  15 Pushed by the hullís water pressure
  16 They flew head first, full speed into the water
  17 Birds in the water, a dolphin at bottom left