Straying From The Flock: CHAPTER 4  
  1 Ultrasound in action
  2 two of them funneled the herd down a chute
  3 The ewe got an orange dot sprayed on its back
  4 The service is impersonal and rushed
  5 A hand-held scanner shoved under its udder
  6 The herd owner drove up
  7 Moving a herd
  8 Strong-eye on the left, hunt-away on the right
  9 McLean Falls
  10 McLean Falls
  11 The southern end of the South Island was still cold
  12 June offered me her heavenly blueberry muffins
  13 June played a few riffs on her accordion
  14 Drive to the nearest tavern
  15 A petrified forest
  16 A beach littered with petrified remains of prehistoric trees
  17 Out of the surf emerged a pair of small grey ppenguins
  18 Those mutt-sized critters needed their privacy
  19 June drove to her sonís beachfront house