Straying From The Flock: CHAPTER 50  
  1 The impassable mountainous center is ringed by a strip of fertile land
  2 There was a narrow strip of agricultural land with a few dirt roads
  3 The wide lagoon, with a few tiny islets ... In the far distance I could make out the swell of the Pacific
  4 I did the paperwork and a few minutes later whizzed down the left side of the road
  5 An internet cafÈ under palm trees ... I asked for the bathroom and they pointed to the trees
  6 Missionaries of all denominations hurried to translate the Bible for the natives
  7 Captain Cook did not believe he did Pacific islanders any favor by discovering their lands
  8 At the tiny National Museum
  9 Anchored away from the pier because the owners were too cheap to pay a small mooring fee
  10 Driving to the airport, I wanted to take in the scenery for the last time