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BK001 AK47 v3.3
Record-Keeping & Risk Management Software
Dr Alexander Elder, Kerry Lovvorn, and Jeff Parker (Author)

Not compatible with any Outlook older than 2010.

We no longer support this product, and recommend instead using Trade Journal at  Join as a Member or Guest and try Trade Journal free for 20 trades.

This product is only for Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2007. AK47 will work for any stock market in any country. It is written for PCs and will work on a Mac only if you run it in emulation mode, using Outlook for Windows,

Documenting your trades is the single best method for improving your performance, yet amazingly few people do it.

AK47 will help you make record-keeping much simpler and easier. It will also help you allocate capital and manage risk. With regular use, AK47 will help you grow and become a better trader.

AK47 version 3.3 is a major step forward in record-keeping for serious traders. It retains all the key features of previous versions:

* a record-keeping album

* trade classification

* risk management with alerts

* tracking your equity curve and account statistics

* A decision-making tree with user-defined checklists

* Support for multiple accounts and enhanced printing Version 3.0 adds these new features:

* All types of trading vehicles are now supported (not only stocks but also options, futures, and forex (note: only directional trades, not spreads or straddles)

* Full support for Outlook 2010

* Equity curve customization: track it for any date range, instrument, or direction

* Learn from your losses: v3.3 can highlight the trades that exceed user-set parameters

* A trade grade curve

Consistently documenting your trades will help you control gains and losses as well as uncover your mistakes and correct them. We have designed AK47 like a weapon: simple, reliable, and deadly to the enemy (the greatest of which are sloth and inertia). Perhaps you will even find it fun to use!

PS demo video:

Click Here for software manual in PDF

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List Price: $265.00  

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