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Welcome to a unique community of serious traders

In the Harsh world of trading there exists an island of intelligence, kindness and sharing - SpikeTrade. Our members help each other become better traders by disclosing trading ideas and other information.

Spikers - a group of professional and semi-pro traders - compete for prizes each week. Their trades are open to all Members, allowing you to follow their reasoning, ask them questions, and track their picks and orders in real-time. You are also welcome to earn credits by submitting your own picks if you like.

Many pros spend hours each week scanning databases, looking for trade candidates. Now you can have these findings delivered to you, allowing you to review dozens of attractive picks to see which work best with your own system. In addition, you'll receive a daily email with an updated chart of New High - New Low Index, which is probably the best leading indicator of the stock market.

Dr. Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn are co-directors of SpikeTrade. They provide a rich stream of market commentary and educational features, and answer questions from Members and share their own trades.

The performance of our competition winners has been spectacular, double digits per quarter, although not everyone has made money. If you decide to use our research, you would have to use proper risk control.


  • Spikers are 20 elite-level Members. These are professional or semipro traders; some are money managers. Spikers pay no fees, but must submit their favorite stock picks each weekend. The top-performing Spikers earn diplomas and cash prizes.
  • Members are traders from all walks of life.
    Your monthly dues entitle you to receive all Spike materials, including all picks and updates. Spike is unique in paying you for doing homework - whenever you submit pick you earn Participation credits. If your pick outperforms the third best Spiker pick of the week, you'll receive a much larger Performance bonus. Repeat winners are recognized with Bank Robbery awards and elevated to the Spiker status.
  • Co-Directors are Dr. Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn.
    Alex and Kerry post a nightly New High - New Low report, a weekly SpikeSpeak review, and a weekly AK Journal with their own trade diaries. They personally answer Members' questions.
  • Guests get to see a bit of SpikeTrade, including weekly How I Won My Gold report. They may download free tools (see below).


Your membership gives you an unlimited access to a long list of features, including:

  • New High - New Low, SpikeSpeak, AK Journal and Q&A with Alex & Kerry
  • Specific trading plans, with real-time updates on entries, targets and stops from 20 Spikers
  • Trading plans from dozens of Members
  • You're invited to participate and earn credits
  • Live and online member meetings
  • Video Vault with dozens of videos on various trading topics
  • A searchable Spike archive, including its performance records


Some of tools and features come to you automatically via email, while others are accessible by visiting the website. Everything included in one flat membership rate.

  • Automatic: NH-NL and SpikeSpeak, AK Journal, Q&A with A&K, meeting invitations
  • Visit the site on the weekend to click on picks that interest you; you'll receive automatic updates on those throughout the following week.


The following features are free for Guests (and Members, of course):

  • How I Won My Gold - a weekly report by the trading competition winner
  • Trader's psychological preparedness test
  • Trader's basic tool kit (includes The Decision-Making Tree and the Record-Keeping Spreadsheet)

Join SpikeTrade today and begin enjoying your membership within minutes!
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