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Dominican Republic, Nov 2017
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Hello Alex,

I just felt that I want to say thank you for everything you have done to help me to become a better trader. You probably canít imagine how much I appreciate the work you have done. For example Macau camp was a fulfillment of one of my big long time dreams. That was just amazing. Another thing is Spike Trade. I canít imagine starting my day without checking the SpikeTrade site first.

Thanks for everything you have done.

Have a great day and please say hi to Pat,

Matias Savolainen, Finland


Dear Alex,

My second Traders Camp, this one on Cyprus, was a great experience and I am excited to start trading using the new knowledge. After being a professional money manager for 29 years, managing multibillion dollar funds, I can honestly say I learned a lot in the Traders Camp. The combination of a sound money management system and the application of clear rules in technical analysis certainly is a winning formula. With the advancement of fast Internet and low execution fees, private individuals do have the power to perform as well as any professional. To use that power properly is not easy. I think you did a great job in teaching us in an entertaining but at the same time serious way.
The "pain and suffering" was great again, it is certainly nice to go out for dinner with a nice group. My wife Janie did like it very much and we stayed for another week. Thank you and Martin both and Inna, who did so much in organizing the Camp.

Kindest Regards,

Gerard de Bruin


Dr. Elder,

Thank you very much for the seminar. Michael and I both thought it was really worthwhile. In addition to helping us develop more disciplined strategies, we were fascinated by the perspective you bring to the market. Please keep us posted on your seminar next spring in Moscow. I'm going to be passing on your book Rubles to Dollars to my dad for Father's Day.

Take care, Michele, WA



We are still in the afterglow of the camp experience ... wiser, more confident traders looking for that trading opportunity that "reaches out of the screen and grabs us by the face". Thanks for all your great teaching and hospitality!

Sam, ID



The education was first class and I loved meeting so many nice and interesting people. I liked the format of the schedule, too, with the break in the middle of the day. It gave a leisurely feel to the whole day. The trip to the jungle was definitely one of the highlights for me. I hope I'll attend another camp some time.

Jill, OR


Hallo Alex,

I am back in Kuwait. I really enjoyed the camp and I am looking forward to becoming a "SMART TRADER" rather than a "HYPERACTIVE TRADER". I was able to crystallize and form a strategy for trading. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences. The interaction with other traders was great and I am definitely richer by the experience. I will keep in touch and let you know how I am doing.

Best regards,
Thomas, Kuwait
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