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Dominican Republic, Nov 2017
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2017 Traders’ Camp

Successful Trading from A to Z

Cabarete, Dominican Republic, November 10 - 15, 2017

Do you know how to become a successful trader?

One essential part of success is your personality. You need to have an intense desire to succeed as well as discipline.

The other part - technical skills - takes surprisingly little time to learn (see the story of Turtles below - the group of outsiders who were trained to trade successfully.)

You are invited to an intensive course that will help you become a disciplined and successful trader. Invest in your own development with a prominent teacher of traders - Dr. Alexander Elder.

New Structure

Dr Elder has created a completely new Camp program, designed to expedite your learning, help you practice your new skills, and save you time and money.

Instead of bringing in an assistant speaker, he will teach full-time. There will be lectures in the morning and homework in the afternoons. You'll have a wonderful opportunity to practice what you've learned. Dr Elder will check your work and help you along in your progress.

We no longer schedule a free day in the middle of the Camp, making it shorter and lowering our fee - but you'll have just as much class time as before - and all of it personally with Dr. Elder. Be sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Dr. Elder will show you how to organize all aspects of your trading, from stock selection to entries and exits, targets and stops, as well as risk control and the essential record-keeping. We will also pay attention to futures, options, and forex. Our comprehensive Camp is designed for two groups of traders:

• Semi-professional traders or serious amateurs who need to organize their knowledge and skills, and rise to a higher level of competence and success.

• Those who got hurt in the market, but want to return better prepared. The Camp will teach you to trade in a more serious, intelligent, and successful manner.

Our world-famous Traders' Camp will help you achieve competence in these essential areas:

• Trading psychology and discipline

• Technical analysis and trading systems

• Money management & risk control

• Organization & record-keeping

• Decision-making tree - on the last day of the Camp you will participate in the development of a step-by-step flowchart for trading the markets.

In addition to the core program, Dr. Elder will teach brief courses on international trading, futures trading, and day-trading (with the possibility of live trading if an opportunity presents itself).

Make this Camp your launching pad for a successful trading life!

Bring Your Spouse or a Friend

Four eyes are better than two, two brains better than one. If you share trading with a spouse or a friend, bring them with you to this Camp. Sit next to them in the classroom - make sure that both of you master new important skills. We offer a special discounted rate for couples as well as for pairs of friends.

If your spouse does not trade, bring her or him along at an even lower non-trader rate (does not include classes). There is so much to see and do that your partner will be busy sightseeing and exploring all day. There are delightful walks, golf, and not to forget - a famous beach.

Please e-mail or call us to ask questions or reserve your spot in this unique Camp! This is our only Camp in 2017.

The story of the Turtles

Three decades ago two prominent traders - Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhart - argued whether traders were born or taught. They made a bet, picked up a group of non-traders, all of whom had a history of gaming (cards, horses, and chess) and had math skills. They taught them a trading system and gave them money to manage. They called this group Turtles, and today some of them are among the most successful traders in the US.

Do you know how much training they received? Only one week! There is less to trading than meets the eye. You can master it quickly - if you can count, have discipline, and get taught the right rules and principles.

To reserve your spot in this unique Camp, please click
Please email us or call us to ask any questions.
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