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Traders' Camp

Successful Trading from A to Z

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Trader-oriented Structure


Dr Elder has created a completely new Camp program, designed to expedite your learning, help you practice your new skills, and save you time and money.

He teaches the entire program, without any assistant speaker. There will be lectures in the morning and homework in the afternoons. You'll have a wonderful opportunity to practice what you've learned. Dr Elder will check your work and help you along in your progress.

Dr. Elder will show you how to organize all aspects of your trading, from stock selection to entries and exits, targets and stops, as well as risk control and the essential record-keeping. You'll see how to analyze stocks, futures, and forex.


Our comprehensive Camp is designed for two groups of traders:


  • Semi-professional traders or serious amateurs who need to organize their knowledge and skills, and rise to a higher level of competence and success.

  • Those who got hurt in the market, but want to return better prepared. The Camp will teach you to trade in a more serious, intelligent, and successful manner.

  • Our world-famous Traders' Camp will help you achieve competence in these essential areas:

  • Trading psychology and discipline

  • Technical analysis and trading systems

  • Money management & risk control

  • Organization & record-keeping

  • Decision-making tree - on the last day of the Camp you will participate in the development of a step-by-step flowchart for trading the markets.

Trade Anywhere in the world by Alexander Elder

You can trade anywhere in the World


How to Become a Better Trader

Location and Time - TBA

Treat yourself to a workshop by a pro trader and one of the world’s top teachers of traders – Dr. Alexander Elder.  Invest a day in your education and growth – and collect dividends for the rest of the year and beyond.

Our new 2022 program will add day-trading and focused psychological rules to his wide-ranging class.

Of course this class will include the essential “4 M’s” for which Dr Elder is famous:


Mind: learn the best tool for developing discipline.
Method: how to select indicators and trading systems.
Money: set proper stops, targets, and trade sizing.
Management: daily and weekly homework, scanning,


This class will focus on decision-making in current markets. Rather than dead PowerPoints showing the past, Dr. Elder will illustrate all concepts using current market examples. A presentation on day-trading will be help longer-term traders find sharper entries and exits.

Dr. Elder leaves his trading office only a few times a year to teach and travel – you have a rare opportunity to study with him. You are welcome to ask about specific stocks, futures, and currencies. You’ll see how to control risks and structure your homework. Imagine how useful it’ll be to see how a professional trader selects and manages his trades in front of you. You will receive answers to your important questions.

If you have any questions, please email our manager, Patricia, at
We look forward to seeing you in class and helping you become a more confident, disciplined, and profitable trader.