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Elder-disk for MetaStock v2.0

Elder-disk for MetaStock v2.0

SKU: CMSV020601
  • v 2.1
    Dr Alexander Elder and John Bruns (Author)

    This add-ons requires MetaStock version 10.1 or higher.  Developed by Dr. Alexander Elder and John Bruns, a programmer.  Provides the complete set of tools and indicators described in Come into My Trading Room, as well as Trading for a Living:

    • Implements the Impulse System as well as Triple Screen.
    • Includes SafeZone
    • Market Thermometer
    • Elder-Ray
    • Smoothed Rate of Change
    • AutoEnvelope
    • The Chandelier Stop
    • Force Index
    • The Impulse system, with added Impulse Release
    • SafeZone stops
    • A custom formula calculates the weekly MACD-Histogram direction using daily data
    • This allows explorations for Triple Screen stocks using daily data.

    The ‘expert advisors’ built with this trend indicator can be generalized to trading in any time frame. Templates provide for easy use of the indicators, all properly formatted. A simple ‘expert advisor’ is provided to highlight Triple Screen trading rules.

    For additional information, please download the manual here.  

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