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2016 Traders' Camp

It is a pleasure to announce limited availability for our famous Traders' Camp. Our last Camp in this hemisphere was three and a half years ago, in January 2013 (we did run a Camp in Asia in 2015). This Camp has a new format - a bit shorter, a lot more intense, and less expensive.

Rather than having a guest speaker, the entire Camp will be taught by Dr. Alexander Elder - lectures in the mornings and practice in the afternoons. We booked only 20 rooms at our favorite resort in the Dominican Republic (nearest airport - Puerto Plata). We offer a $1,000 discount for early registration and an additional $500 for two traders registering together. In addition, as soon as you register you'll receive free access to our webinars, listed below. The fee covers everything except transportation. Click Here for detailed information. We invite repeat campers to arrive a day early as our guests for a "social day" (a nominal fee for others).

June 2016: Current Market

The Brexit vote occurred while I was writing this letter. I was pleased to see that the resulting fireworks have not changed the market outlook I was writing to share with you.

In my previous letter to you, on April 25, I wrote: "The rally that began in at its end." The Dow closed at 17,977 that day. Today the Dow is well below that level. The call on the top of the rally was correct.

The decline we got after that letter was sluggish, but accelerated after Brexit. Let me repeat the last paragraph of that letter: "History rhymes, but it doesn't repeat. The quality of rallies and declines tends to alternate. Great bull markets are followed by sluggish bull markets, and vicious bear markets (like the one we had in 2008) are followed by rather meek bears. The bear or 2016 is likely to be fairly mild." A one-day implosion on Friday doesn't change the outlook for the year. Click here to continue reading.

Special - two popular videos at half-price (offer ends July 15)

Force Index: this 48-minute video explains the importance of volume for analyzing markets and timing reversals. It shows how to construct and interpret the Force Index using weekly, daily and intraday charts. It illustrates using Force Index with stocks and futures, indexes and forex. The video is accompanied by a CD handout which includes supplementary materials. List $119, our price $87, on sale $49. Please order here.

Traders' Camp in Antigua, Guatemala: join Dr. Alexander Elder and a group of serious traders during their week-long Traders' Camp. It is a nearly 7-hour trading course on 5 DVDs. Listen to lectures, view numerous chart examples, learn risk management, and even take a look at the group's social times. It is the next best thing to being there! List $297, our price $249, on sale $129. Please order here.
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