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Welcome to a unique community of serious traders

In the harsh world of trading there exists an island of intelligence, kindness and sharing – SpikeTrade. Our members help each other become better traders by sharing trading ideas and other information.

Spikers – a group of professional and semi-pro traders – compete for prizes each week. Their trades are open to all Members, allowing you to follow their reasoning, ask them questions, and track their picks and orders in real-time. You are also welcome to earn credits by submitting your own picks if you like.

Dr. Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn are co-directors of SpikeTrade. They provide a rich stream of market commentary and educational features, answer questions from Members and share their own trades.


SpikeTrade Group Photo by Alexander Elder
  • Spikers are elite-level Members. The top-performing Spikers earn diplomas and cash prizes.

  • Members are traders from all walks of life.

  • Your monthly dues entitle you to receive all Spike materials, including all picks and updates. Spike is unique in paying you for doing homework – whenever you submit a tradable pick you earn Participation credits. If your pick outperforms the third best Spiker pick of the week, you’ll receive a much larger Performance bonus. Repeat winners are recognized with Bank Robbery awards and elevated to the Spiker status.

  • Co-Directors are Dr. Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn.

  • Alex and Kerry post a nightly New High – New Low report, a weekly SpikeSpeak review with their own trade diaries. They personally answer Members’ questions.


Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn

Your membership gives you an unlimited access to a long list of features, including:

  • New High – New Low, SpikeSpeak, AK Journal and Q&A with Alex & Kerry

  • Specific trading plans, with real-time updates on entries, targets and stops

  • You’re invited to participate and earn credits
    Video Vault with dozens of videos on various trading topics

  • A searchable Spike archive, including its performance records

Take Us for a 2-week trial for only $29. 

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