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Intensive Class in The Netherlands

With Dr. Alexander Elder

Author, The New Trading for a Living & other international best-sellers

Breukelen | Saturday, May 20th, 2023, 10am - 5pm


Dear Friend,


You’re invited to a unique day-long class in Europe with Dr. Alexander Elder, the only one scheduled in 2023. Dr. Elder’s classes, with intensive teaching and nice social time, have become a tradition.  In addition to essential trading ideas and market outlook for the year ahead he always includes fresh new materials.  In May 2023 he will add a lesson on writing options.

Now is the time to upgrade your trading, realize your potential and learn to take more profits than losses from the markets.

Treat yourself to a workshop by a pro trader and one of the world’s top teachers of traders – Dr. Alexander Elder.  Invest a day in your education and growth – and collect dividends for the rest of the year and beyond.

Our new 2023 program will add unique instruction on option trading to this wide-ranging class.  

Of course, this class will include the essential “4 M’s” for which Dr Elder is famous:

Mind: learn the best tool for developing discipline.

Method: how to select indicators and trading systems.

Money: this is the task that all pros know and all amateurs miss: set proper stops, targets, and trade sizing.

Management: daily and weekly homework, scanning to find trading opportunities amidst market chaos.

This class will focus on giving you sharp psychological tools as well as decision-making in current markets.  Rather than dead PowerPoints showing the past, Dr. Elder will illustrate all concepts using current market examples.  A presentation on options will introduce you to a proper approach to the market in which most of your competitors lose money (you might as well take it from them). 

Dr. Elder leaves his trading office only a few times a year to teach and travel – you have a rare opportunity to study with him.  You are welcome to ask about specific stocks, futures, and currencies.  You’ll see how to control risks and structure your homework.  Imagine how useful it’ll be to see how a professional trader selects and manages his trades in front of you. You will receive answers to your important questions.

As a bonus for the May 2023 class, you’ll receive free access to Dr Elder’s monthly webinars and weekend stock scans. This service cost $140 per month – but you’ll receive it free, starting in April 2023 through June 2023.  

Our class will be held on a Saturday at a comfortable hotel, where you’ll meet other serious traders and exchange ideas with them during breaks and at lunch.  Most traders feel very isolated, but traders who meet at our conferences tend to stay in touch long after the class.  After the class you’re welcome to stay for an optional dinner with Dr Elder (and another optional dinner on Friday before the class).



WHO – Dr. Alexander Elder, a professional trader and author of the world’s most popular books on trading.

WHEREvan der Valk Hotel Breukelen (a short train ride from Schiphol Airport).

WHEN – from 10:00 to 17:00 on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

$599 – covers class, handouts, lunch, and coffee breaks.

  •  Only cash at the door if spots available


BONUS – receive free access to Dr Elder’s monthly webinars and weekend scans from April 2023 through June 2023 (regular price $140/month).

DISCOUNTS (write to us to receive codes)

  • 10% discount for previous class participants.

  • When two traders register together, both receive a $30 discount.

  • 20% discount on any purchases of books, videos, or software from from the day you register until one month after the class. 


REFUNDS  – 90% until May 1 (minus webinars, charged at half-price).

If you have any questions, please email our manager, Patricia, at or call her at +1.908.297.8678 [during office hours in New York].  We look forward to seeing you in class and helping you become a more confident, disciplined, and profitable trader.

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