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Elder-disk for Think or Swim 2.0

Elder-disk for Think or Swim 2.0

SKU: CTOV020601
  • These ad-on indicators require TD Ameritrade Think or Swim.  Developed by Dr. Alexander Elder and Nadia Shkolnikov, a trader and programmer.  Provides the complete set of  indicators described in Come into My Trading Room, as well as Trading for a Living:

    • MACD Lines and Histogram with crossover forecast (MACDHistXover)
    • Market Thermometer
    • Elder-Ray Bull and Bear
    • Smoothed Rate of Change
    • AutoEnvelope
    • The Chandelier Stop
    • Force Index
    • The Impulse system, with added Impulse Release
    • SafeZone stops.

    Amajor addition to version 2: Force Index with ATR channels – perhaps the best indicator for catching stock and futures extremes, both tops and bottoms.

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