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Step Two Trading

Step Two Trading

SKU: BEL0090301

    9 Trading Methods
    Dr Alexander Elder (Author)

    Every single trade must be based on a clearly spelled out method or system.  A trade without a plan is like a ship without a rudder.

    This book will teach you how to build and implement a solid trading system – by showing you nine methods used by serious traders.

    Three systems come from Dr Elder.  He uses them in his own trading, and each is illustrated with examples from his own Trade Journal.  The other six come from elite-level Members of SpikeTrade group, and are illustrated by their own trades.

    This book opens a window into real-life trading by serious competitive traders.  Its unique feature is that all of its indicators and tools are available to you at  If you are a a paid-up member of StockCharts, they’ll give this book to you.  If you have different software, you can still use this book because its concepts are universal.



    PART ONE: Every Trade Deserves a Name

    False Breakout with a Divergence (Elder)

    Pullback to Value (Elder)

    Fading an Extreme (Elder)

    PART TWO: Winning Gold with StockCharts

    Buying Low Volatility (Rich N)

    Playing support and resistance (Rich N)

    Catching a Quick Bounce (Ken B)

    Managing the News (Ken B)

    A “Return to Value” Play (Ernie V.)

    ATR Channel Analysis (Ernie V.)


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