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The Trading Puzzle

The Trading Puzzle

SKU: BEL0070301

    Dr Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn (Author)

    SpikeTrade members compete for the best stock picks of the week.  The competition is intense but very friendly, as members share trading ideas and tips.  All the while, the authors of this book answer members’ trading-related questions.

    As a result, there is a growing wealth of knowledge in SpikeTrade.  Now, for the first time, non-members may enter this treasury and see the answers to trading questions by Dr Elder and Mr Lovvorn. Reading this book will help you solve your own market puzzles and get up to speed, avoiding bad mistakes.

    It’s painful to see bright individuals blow up their accounts.  If trading is a race between a hare and a turtle, our money is firmly on the slower guy with a hard shell on his back.  Study this book to learn trading the right way.

  • Chapters include:

    * Psychology and Self-Management

    * Technical Analysis

    * Other Methods and Markets

    * Entry and Exit Techniques

    * Current Markets

    * Risk Control

    * Finding Good Data (Mini-encyclopedia)

    This book is illustrated with 48 color charts.  It contains a coupon that lets you deduct the entire cost of this book from a Trial membership in SpikeTrade.

    Download your PDF by signing into your account.

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